Every organization has a few canons that have worked over the years.  The following are our guiding principles:

  • Direct Communication: Our work requires direct communication between Owner / CXO at the client-end and Director at our end.  We view such a sparring partnership as a litmus test of seriousness at both ends. We are happy to interact with people across levels to understand issues better or seek feedback; but critical discussions require direct communication with the final decision-maker.

  • Realistic: The solutions we offer are neither pre-conceived, nor limited by our prior competency. Fact is that the real world is not partitioned to match consultants’ organization structure and their competency limitations. We bring a fresh perspective to every situation and enthusiastically broaden our competency – adding other specialists if required – to offer realistic solutions for clients. We will not advise you to hit a nail in the wall, merely because we have a hammer.

  • Authentic: The advice we provide is what we ourselves would have adopted, if the client’s business were our business. Such a mental model ensures that our advice is not a description of what Amazon or Uber or the latest unicorn is currently doing.

  • Long-term: We rarely take up assignments that run less than four months; our longest ongoing relationship is into its 20th year and spans two generations of the client family. The bonds of trust last long.